The majority of obstacle course racers are hardworking people that juggle training with jobs, families, and real life responsibilites.  Meet Laura Magness. She fell hard for obstacle course racing after her first race and is a four time XX RACE Finisher. Laura invited friends to join her own racing team and even built an obstacle course in her backyard.  You won’t find her in the elite wave of a Spartan Race, but the reason that OCR is popular today is due to of people like just like her.

Name: Laura Magness
Home town: Norwood, PA                                                                                                                                                                                                             Office Manager for Cityteam in Chester, PA
Married with four sons ages: 24, 21, 18 and 10

Age: 49

What was your first race? ’16 Spartan Stadium Sprint CBK

Most recent OCR event? Tough Mudder Half-Philly

What obstacle give you the most trouble? I am working to climb a rope and succeed at pullups. I definitely need to work on my diet especially my unhealthy addiction to sugar. Not just to lose weight for vanity sake but to have 15-20 less pounds to move around. The rope and pullup will be easier.

Favorite movie?  Elf – so funny!

Favorite post-race food? Steak and chocolate cake – love them both

Favorite XX RACE obstacle?  traverse rope

Most hated XX RACE obstacle? the Rig #2 = burpees


Name of your OCR racing team? Best Muddies

What do you like about obstacle course racing? There is so much to love about obstacle course racing. The other racers are so encouraging and helpful. The feeling when I complete/succeed an obstacle that I was not able to before is addictive. For me there is such a mental battle and so much positive self-talk in the process. OCR has helped me to get out of a rut of negative thinking and self- talk. I also love working out with my team and inspiring each other to keep going and push harder.