When was the last time you were really surprised? scared? We live our lives like a conveyor belt oiled with precision. You know the weather 2 weeks out, you get out of bed every morning at the same time, and you eat the same breakfast. Routines are good, anyone with little kids knows the importance of keeping a routine. What do you do when everything goes wrong? Essentially when the shit hits the fan, and some seemingly insurmountable obstacle impedes your progress? We all have the super human strength and will power to overcome, to dig deep. Maybe there is another way. What happens if we intentional do hard things? What happens if we intentional put obstacles in front of us? Find out on Saturday, 9/16 at 9 am. If you are getting ready for the Spartan Stadium Sprint at Citizens Bank Park on 10/8/17, then consider this your final fitness exam. Find out if you are race ready. Come to a special Spartan SGX Training event from 9-110:30 AM cost $30. We are setting up a stadium sprint obstacle course with the following obstacles:

Rope climb
Monkey bars
heavy jump rope
sandbag carries
herc host
Wall climbs
box jumps
hand-release push-ups
spear throw
much more!

Run the race course or just try out some obstacles, We’ll have Spartan Race Obstacle Coaches on hand ready to give you some tips and pointers. If you are looking for a new fitness challenge or bored with your routine try out some obstacles and see if you are up to the challenge.