“A person’s


no matter how


-Dr Seuss

There is so much to learn from kids if you watch closely enough. Really to do well in an OCR race all you have to be is a grown up kid. Not caring if you get wet or muddy, crawling around in the dirt, hanging from a branch, and running wild through the woods.

Remember that kids are persons too.

Just as we are reminded of our own childhood by watching our kids run carefree around the Kids XX RACE. They are always watching and mimicking us. As much as we want our kids to follow our directions and commands:  they do what we do. If we want patient, open minded kids then we too must be patient and opened minded. If we want kids to learn from failure, that we too as parents must let our kids see us fail while daring greatly. Yes, you will always be their hero, but be that hero that shows your child by example that being a good person matters the most regardless of the outcome. Show your kids that when you get knocked down, you get back up.

“Fall down seven times

Get back up eight.”

-japanese proverb

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