If you are stuck on the couch, struggling with your fitness and or weight loss goals try 2 things. 1st, sign up for a race or a physical challenge. Whether it’s a Spartan Race, a Tough Mudder, or a local 5k, by signing up you making yourself accountable to a goal, at least financially. 2nd, don’t start off training alone, join a training group. A good example of this the XX Race team of Kristen Glasshoff, Eric Engelhardt, Jen Gillian and David Peck. They all met and train together at NO Bull Training, a group training gym in Huntingdon Valley, PA. They train together and run Spartan Races together.

If you want to become a lion, then find a pride of lions.


Training alone has it’s benefits like customized training plans, working out on your own time schedule, listening to your own music. But the benefits of group training are greater and more rewarding. Humans are tribal animals, beyond the benefits of group accountability, camaraderie and, shared goals, training as a team or a pride of lions comes down to this one key element.

As a group, we are stronger together than we are alone.

As a pride of humans, we can conquer any obstacle. Be that person who walks into iMETTLE, a Crossfit box, a Bootcamp, or NO BULL Training for the first time alone. If you feel uncomfortable, like that new kid at school, that’s good. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone. If everyone looks like they are all buddies and old friends like the crew from NO BULL then you are in the right kind of training facility. Just introduce yourself and remember everyone in the room was you at one point in their journey, a newbie. If you don’t know where to start check out FB groups like PhillySpartans and Spartan 4-0, join them, introduce yourself and ask where you should train. They will point you in the right direction.

Before long you will be a lion too.