Joe DeSena, the founder of Spartan Race gets full credit for the 30 burpee penalty. In his mind, 30 burpees is a small number. I heard a story about him. Before the Spartan Race, when there was just the Death Race, Joe instructed the race field at the starting line that they had to do 1000 burpees in order to start the race. Ouch! The obstacle penalty is now a standard feature in OCR races. Whether it’s a 30 burpee penalty or a penalty run, obstacle failure in an OCR event means more hard earned sweat. Integrity in OCR is everything, and knowing the rules of what constitutes a burpee can be a performance advantage: a jump, hands over your head, chest touches the ground. At our OCR obstacle training class we teach you how to do a regulation or competitive version of the Burpee so that you can knock them out fast, conserve energy so you tackle the rest of the race course.

At the XX RACE at iMETTLE, we don’t penalize with burpees, but we recommend that if a racer fails an obstacle that they do Mr. Spectaculars. Rob Shaul of MTI, who has been an influential coach for mountain and tactical athletes created the movement. It’s similar to a burpee but harder to cheat. In our training classes, we love incorporating Mr. Spectaculars with kettlebells and sandbags, even unweighted just using your bodyweight, doing Mr. Spectaculars during the XX RACE can leave a mark. If you are interested in learning how to do burpees faster come by our OCR classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you want your picture taken in the Mr. Spectacular Penalty Box, we will see you at the starting line at the XX RACE this Saturday, on May 20th.