My race day was different than a typical due to the snowy forecast. The children’s race had been canceled due to the snow travel advisory. The snowy forecast also kept some racers at home.  This, however, gave me a lot of time to talk with the owner about his plans for the gym and races. Even with a lighter turnout, there were 1st timers to seasoned runners attempting and conquering the course. iMETTLE’s founder, Jhoon Chang says his goal is to present a course that is as hard or harder than most race courses. Today there were three rigs, monkey bars, rope traverse, herc hoist, rope climb, sandbag pushes, warped walls, and even a pegboard just to name a few. It was not mandatory obstacle completion today and the penalties were designated by a roll of 2 dice. If you were lucky, you had to do 2 burpees, unlucky 12.