Roll the dice and let fate decide how many Sandbag Burpees you have to do. Sometimes life is luck and more often than not it is unfair. If you let anger and frustration take over, the Sandbag Burpees becomes your worst enemy. Anger and frustration will creep in because burpees suck and doing them with Sandbags make them suck even more.  If you can keep your head about you and refocus on the task that is front of you, the Sandbag Burpee, then it’s just one perfect rep at a time.

Often we get stuck on the outcomes we cannot control. We let a bad grade, a negative comment, or bad luck decide who we are.  Even worse we personalize our misfortune into negative self-talk like: “I SUCK AT BURPEES.” We relive our stories of disaster. We wallow in the mud. When we fall, we stay down on the ground. Fear tells us to stay down. What we must do, is to get up, to focus on the present moment. We must break down the undauntable into small chunks. If it is a mountain that we must climb it is one step, then another step, and if it is twenty-four Sandbag Burpees, then it is one rep at a time.